After-Prom Night Entertainment: Epic Memories at Fun-N-Stuff

Dive Into the Ultimate After-Prom Entertainment at Fun’ n’ Stuff 

Imagine this! The disco ball’s shimmer dims, and the dance music lowers—it’s the breather moment in your prom night. But wait! The fun isn’t over just yet! Hustle down to Fun’ n’ Stuff, where your after-prom party takes on a life of its own!

Our indoor amusement wonderland bursts with lively colors, pumped-up ambiance, and an endless parade of OMG-this-is-AWESOME attractions. This makes it THE place to create those jaw-dropping after-prom memories. Is the dance routine winding down? No problem—we’re dialing up thrilling races, white-knuckle laser tag, and much more! Come for the fun, stay for the memories!

Why Fun ‘n’ Stuff?

Well, in simple terms, we’re the best in the business! With Fun ‘n’ Stuff, there’s zero fuss—just straightforward, unforgettable fun. With our indoor setup, there’s literally no stopping your after-prom night entertainment. A sneaky rain drizzle or a dry chilly wind—nothing can touch the awesomeness happening inside here. And regarding safety, we’ve got your back, so you can focus 100% on the fun part!

The Must-Do’s For After-Prom Night Entertainment

Adventure awaits at every corner of Fun’ n’ Stuff! Zap your friends at Laser Tag, race into the limelight with Go-Karts, or immerse yourself in a VR universe totally out of this world (Prom Queens and Kings, you haven’t seen anything yet!)

Time for the Drumroll — Our Packages! ??

Get ready to kickstart a rollercoaster of excitement, laughter, and heart-pumping action. Let’s take a look at the fantastic packages we offer:

The Standard Package

Rev up for three whole hours of unbridled merriment with:

Retro-Cool Roller Skating
Medieval Madness Bumper Cars
Lasertag: Aliens vs. Zombies Showdown
Grand Prix Go-Karts
Pirates Cove & The Lost Kingdom Mini Golf
Himalaya Coaster Feels
Highway 66 Bowling

At just $20.95 per person for groups of 125+, the standard pushes the ‘fun’ in Fun-N-Stuff!

The Super Package

Gear up for a four-hour gala of non-stop access to everything Standard, PLUS:

The Lost Tomb of Osiris
Atomic Rush
Extreme Looping Bikes
Batting Cages
Arcade Games Galore (ticket & prize games not included)

Grab your posse because the prices are a steal! Swing from:

$27.95 per person for 125 – 199 partiers
Slash down to $26.95 per person with 200 – 299 friends
And $24.95 per person when you roll deep with 300+ folks!

The Ultimate Package

Ready. Set. ULTIMATE. Indulge in up to four hours of what you love from the Super, topped with:

Cannonball Blasters
Rock Climbing Wall
Human Hamster Balls

With the Ultimate, more is merrier:

$31.95 per person for cool crews of 200 – 299
$28.95 per person for the 300 – 399 party legends
$26.95 per person if you’re raving with a squad of 400+

Alright, Prom Kings and Queens and every royal in between, it’s time to make that after-prom night POP with choices that’ll leave your Insta followers green with envy! Are you all about the bumper clash or laser tag blasts? Are you gearing up for high-speed go-karts or swinging for that mini-golf mastery?

So come on down, get clicking, or call! Fun ‘n’ Stuff isn’t just an epic journey; it’s an invitation stamped with your soon-to-be favorite memories.

Book your unforgettable night now!

Planning All the Fun Stuff

Fun AND organized? Now we’re talking! Booking your after-prom night entertainment at Fun’ n’ Stuff is easy. With clear information and a bunch of seriously fun prom packages, all you have to worry about is who to zap first at Laser Tag or who’s catching the next VR rocket with you. And remember, our doors are open late, so you can enjoy all the fun all night!

In the end, Fun ‘n’ Stuff is about making waves of fantastic memories—the footing for stories you’d tell your grandchildren one fine day! So, why wait? Put on your dancing shoes, head over to Fun’ n’ Stuff, and prepare for an unforgettable after-prom night filled with endless laughter, amusement, and fun!

Whip out those phones and book your After-Prom night entertainment at Fun’ n’ Stuff NOW! We’ve got a party to rock, a night to remember, and a lifetime of memories to make. Let’s get this party started!