Fun ‘n’ Stuff’s Epic Birthday Party Packages

Blast Off into Birthday Fun with Fun’ n’ Stuff’s Birthday Party Packages!

Woo-hoo! Attention, party-goers and fun-seekers of all ages! It’s time to gear up for a birthday bonanza that’ll zoom past ordinary and land straight on EPIC! Fun ‘n’ Stuff isn’t just dishing out birthday party packages; we’re unlocking the door to a new world of birthday thrills and laughter!

Imagine a realm where every corner brims with party magic. The entire Fun ‘n’ Stuff universe is decked out for a standout celebration. Grab those game faces because our lineup of attractions is ready to rocket you to the moon and back! Whether you’re striking down pins in Highway 66 bowling or navigating the neon labyrinth of our laser tag arena, every moment is powered up to maximum fun!

Rockstar Party Packages – Designed to Delight!

At Fun’ n’ Stuff, we believe everyone is unique, just like their birthday! That’s why we’ve created a menu of customizable, all-inclusive birthday party packages.

So whether your kiddo likes it short and sweet or long and lavish, we have a party package that suits every style, speed, and personality. Here’s what each fun-packed package holds for you:

2-Hour Birthday Party Bonanza! ?

  • ?? 2 hours of unlimited fun with passes to all attractions!
  • ?? Each child gets 10 Video Game Tokens. Bring out the gamer in you!
  • ? Tuck into pizza, chips, and refreshing drinks ?
  • ? Packages start at a perfect $359** for a squad of 10. Additional guests? Just add $21 each (plus tax).

3-Hour Birthday Blast! ?

  • ? Dive into 3 hours of non-stop birthday shenanigans across all attractions.
  • ? Every buddy gets 10 Video Game Tokens. Let’s see who reigns supreme!
  • ?? Devour juicy cheese pizza and crunchy chips, and guzzle down four pitchers of fountain beverages.
  • ? All yours for just $419** for the first ten party-goers, with extra friends tagging along for $25 each (plus tax).

4-Hour Birthday Mega-Party! ?

  • ? Buckle up for a colossal 4-hour fun spree with access to all attractions!
  • ? Woah, double the fun with 20 tokens each. Let’s game on!
  • ? Snacks galore – savor cheese pizza, chips, and refreshing drinks.
  • ? Just $489** for a crew of 10, with $30 for each additional friend (plus tax).

Options to Switch Your Food (These must be added by the Monday before your party date. Don’t worry- they’re per party, not per guest!).

  • ? Swing for a mix of 24 Slices of Cheese Pizza, a crisp Garden Salad, BBQ Boneless Wings, and 4 Pitchers of our Fountain Beverages with just an extra $65
  • Or, ditch the soda for 20 Juice Boxes at no extra cost. Healthy swap!

One last thing! All prices listed here come with a Cash discount. If you’re pulling out the plastic, the pricing for credit/debit cards will sport a 3.5% increase.

So there you go! Everything you need to zoom and boom on your child’s big day – all wrapped up in our raucous and oh-so-fun party packages! 

Attractions Galore! Your Ultimate Birthday Playground!

Let’s dive into the attractions that make your Fun ‘n’ Stuff party light up like a pinball machine on a jackpot streak! 

  • Atomic Rush: A quick-paced game with touch-sensitive LED panels – tap your color, score big with speed, no height or age restrictions.
  • Himalaya Coaster: This thrilling adventure features rapid swerves and loops. Height requirements apply (Single riders >44″, Children with adults>40″).
  • Virtual Reality: Immerse yourself in other worlds with our variety of VR experiences, best suited for children 12+. Just a heads up, this may cause motion sickness.
  • Aliens vs. Zombie Laser Tag: Engage in an epic Laser tag battle within a 6,000 sq ft arena, recommended for ages six and above.
  • Roller Skating: Glide across one of Ohio’s finest rinks, accessible to all skill levels. Personal skates are welcome, but rentals are available. And bring socks!
  • Cannon Ball Blasters: Engage in a fun ball-blasting game where foam balls are shot at multiple targets, goggles are required, and fit up to 12 players.
  • Eurobungy: An all-season bungee jump experience open to participants weighing between 20 and 200 lbs.
  • Medieval Madness Bumper Cars: Navigate our castle arena in bumper cars, perfect for anyone 44″ tall and under 275 lbs.
  • The Lost Tomb of Osiris: Navigate a laser-filled tomb without breaking the beams, with no restrictions on participants.
  • Kid’s World is a play area for kids 48″ and under, featuring slides, ball pits, and discovery tubes. Socks are necessary.
  • Highway 66 Bowling is mini-bowling with lighter balls and bumper-enabled lanes. It is suitable for all ages, operates on cash, and isn’t included in wristband deals.
  • Arcade: Over 100 arcade games, from classics to modern thrills, are token-operated and not included with unlimited wristbands.

This list encompasses the thrilling, family-friendly atmosphere we’ve built here at Fun’ n’ Stuff, guaranteeing a memorable and electrifying party every time!

The Ultimate Birthday Bonanza at Fun ‘n’ Stuff 

Get ready for a fanfare of confetti, a sparkler of smiles, and a tsunami of fun!!! That happens when you book your Birthday Bonanza at Fun’ n’ Stuff! We can almost hear your party hats leaping off the shelves! 

IT’S PARTY TIME! At Fun’ n’ Stuff, we’re all about transforming birthday dreams into reality, shaking life into laughter, and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! Hold on to your party shoes, folks. Here comes the stampede of joy! Fun never knocked on your door in such big, bold letters! Let’s get this party started!