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We offer quality brass tokens in all 7 common sizes, at substantially lower prices than anyone.  We have operated our own FEC for more than 20 years and found that we were spending more and more of our hard earned money on tokens.  Finally, we found a partner that saved us big money on tokens and became distributors to help you save money, too.  As master distributors, we can provide you with the highest quality tokens at the lowest price – period.  Our facility was going through 100,000 tokens per year.  I knew that tokens were a necessity to operate our facility properly, but I also knew that if I could find a way, I could put much of that money to a better use in our facility.  Our guests never realized that I was spending 1000’s of dollars each year on tokens.

FNS Token Distributors knows that you have a better use for your money and can provide you with your tokens at low prices.  That savings can help you buy new arcade games, help pay for renovations, help offset your increasing labor costs, or simply be money in your pocket.  In these tough economic times, businesses need to save money wherever and whenever they can.

Some of you may be thinking that you are already getting a good deal on tokens.  To those individuals, I would say that you are wrong.  Send me your last invoice, and I will show you the price (and savings) that you would get from FNS Token Distributing.  It’s that simple.  You have nothing to lose.

I will also share two other notes that make FNS Token Distributors unique.  First, for the lower volume users, we offer you the ability to lower your token costs over time.  Our FEC facility started off small and grew over the years.  In the beginning, we went through only 5,000 – 10,000 tokens per year.  The cost that we paid for tokens using 5k –10k was far greater than others who used 100k, 500k, or 1,000,000 or more.  The fact was that those larger institutions could afford to pay more for their tokens than we could and yet they were getting a better price.  We were barely getting by and operating on the smallest margins possible.  Some people say, “But you can’t blame the token companies for giving a better price to a higher volume client as it definitely cost more per token to produce tokens in smaller batches/runs.”  This is true, but token companies do not have to jack up your price so high either.

What FNS Tokens does that NO OTHER TOKEN SUPPLIER does, is offer it’s loyal clients the ability to build up to lower pricing structures over time.  We have price breaks at 10,000 – 25,000 – 50,000 – 100,000 and 150,000.  Once your total lifetime order from us, reaches a price break, we automatically drop you to that pricing level as if you were ordering the full quantity from us at once.  For instance, say you order 25,000 every year.  The first year, you will pay the 25k pricing.  The second and third years that you order 25,000 tokens, you will be charged at the 50,000 price break (50,000 and 75,000 lifetime buys).  The fourth year, you will get your 25,000 tokens at the 100k price point, as well as the fifth year.  In the 6th year, you will have reached the 150k price point as you will have purchased 150,000 tokens from us over your lifetime. Getting your tokens at a cost that a facility six times your size pays is a great feeling – and a great savings.  This alone can amount to $1000’s over other token suppliers.

The second thing that we offer our clients as master distributors is that we do not “nickel and dime” our customers to death like most other suppliers.  We charge the lowest price to begin with for our tokens and most other things are free, or offered at the lowest possible cost.  For instance, some operators like their brass tokens with a nickel coating, yellow color, silver color, or left primitive.  We do not charge extra for any of these options.  They are all included at no additional charge.  Other suppliers have a fee for nickel-plating…usually $0.007 per token.  On orders of 100,000 tokens, that comes to an additional $700 from other suppliers, from us… no additional charge.

We also offer custom tokens to all buyers in quantities of 5,000 or more.  Custom imprints are free with token orders of 50,000 or more and cost a one-time charge of $100 per unique imprint (side) on orders less than 50,000 tokens.  Other suppliers typically charge twice this amount so they can make money on their tokens and on the imprinting.  The reason that you often feel “nickel and dimed” when buying from other suppliers, is because you usually have been.

ADD UP THE SAVINGS!  If you save a penny a token per 100,000 tokens, you will save $1,000.  That is a nice and measurable difference.  The fact is that most buyers save closer to 2 cents per token on 100,000 token orders.  This equates to $2,000 in savings.  If you have your tokens nickel-coated, then add another $700 totaling $2,700.  Do this every year for ten years and you will have spent almost $30,000 more on tokens, than buying from us.  I can do a lot with $30,000 in my facility, or in my pocket – and I’m sure you can too!

Stop wasting your money! Save money and call Bob at FNS Token Distributing today at (330) 467-0820  ext. 200.

Seven Common Sizes of Brass Tokens:

Diameter (Inches)

Thickness (Gauge)















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