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If you haven't been to Fun 'n' Stuff lately, you should see what you're missing!

Available NOW!

Check out our new and improved Lasertag with over 6,000 square feet of arena. Be a part of Team Alien or Team Zombie and it battle it out to see which team will reign supreme. Score points against each other and also by shooting interactive aliens and zombies. 

Atomic RUSH is our newest  arcade-style attraction. To earn points, players rush to quickly tap the panels as their color appears. The faster they are, the more points they rack up. It’s like a futuristic, LED version of Simon Says, but with a far more interactive game environment. 

tomb 1

Check out our newly remodeled attractions, Medieval Madness Bumper Cars and The Lost Tomb of Osiris.   

Coming Winter 2018

Virtual Reality 

Remodeled 3-Story Superhero Kids Play

24-rider Himalaya Ride

Coming Spring 2019

Free Fall, a 40 ft drop tower

The Lost Kingdom Mini-Golf