Employment Application

Things you should know about Fun ‘n’ Stuff before you apply:

We employ energetic, smiling, intelligent people who take pride in providing exceptional customer service. They continually strive to be the best by doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

1. We demand honesty from our employees. If you cannot be truthful, do not apply here.

2. Fun ‘n’ Stuff employees must comprehend and communicate a great deal of information. 

3. If you are willing and able to work diligently as part of a team to make our customers happy, this could be the perfect job for you.

4. If you are unable to get along well with other people, do not fill out this application. We work together as a team providing the best possible service.

5. Fun’n’Stuff is hard work. However, by serving the customers and knowing that you’ve done the very best at what you set out to do, it is also very rewarding.

6. To be successful you must be able to do several things simultaneously and smile while doing them.

7. If you cannot deal with a lot of people for long periods of time, do not fill out this application.

8. You must be able to work on Saturday to be considered for employment.

Having read the above, fill out the application only if you are capable of fulfilling the duties of a Fun ‘n’ Stuff employee. If you do not think that you are suited for this job, please do not apply. We expect and demand exceptional, hard-working, honest people who always strive to do their best.