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  NEW  ZOMBIE STUNT JUMP   ( Opens April 2015)

Climb to heights of 13' or even 21' high to a platform... then take a ' leap of faith' and jump off the platform and plunge towards the ground... no harness... nothing but a free fall.  A patented air bag system will catch you when you land.  But not for the faint of heart. (21' is REALLY HIGH!)

hamster ball


(Closed til Spring) Climb into one of our 9' tall human hamster balls.  Race against an opponent down a track and see who is most like a pesky rodent.





Cannon Ball Blasters is a remodeled version of our Wacky Ball Blasters. Up to 12 participants that shoot foam balls at nets, targets and even each other in a new military themed environment. It's a crazy, laughing good time for all ages


 Extreme Looping Bikes (closed til Spring)                            

Extreme Looping bikes are a hit at Fun 'n' Stuff!.  They are like riding the loop of a roller coaster over and over.  Must be 52" in height to participate and kids under 12 yrs old must ride with parent.


Medieval Madness Crazy Cars                                 

Bump, SPIN, crash... it's all part of the game in with Medieval Madness at Fun 'n' Stuff.  These bumper cars, made by RDC, are for participants from 44" in height to 275 pounds. Crash around in a unique castle themed areana.



laser tag

Laser Tag

Challenge yourself to an exciting game of laser tag in our 4,000 square foot arena. Laser Tag is perhaps our most popular winter event with no age or height restrictions.


The Lost Tomb of Osiris

The tomb contains the mummified body of Osiris.  Osiris was the Egyptian king of the dead... god of death and life... ruler over their underworld.  He was mummified by the gods Anubis and Thoth, who stand guard over him while he rests.  The tomb is filled with lasers. It is your goal to get to the end of the chamber and back, as fast as possible, while avoiding the lasers.  If you are fast enough, you will please the gods and they may reward you.  Be swift.  Be silent.  Be mindful to not anger the gods or you may pay the price.

mini golf

Outdoor Mini-Golf (Closed til Spring)

Fun 'n' Stuff has 36 holes of championship outdoor mini golf.  Whether it's our Pirate's Cove course, or our Lighthouse Bay, both courses are challenging and fun for all ages. 

roller skate

Roller Skating

One of the finest rinks in Ohio. From beginner to expert, kids and adults will have fun skating to a variety of music. Both in-line and quad wheeled skated are available for rent.  (Socks are required for this event.)


Superhero Kid's Play

Kids World is perfect for kids 48 inches and under. Kids World has discovery tubes, ball pit, and more. Come play today! (Socks are required for this event.)

bumper boats

Shark Tooth Falls Bumper Boats (Closed for season)

Bump and dodge in our 135,000 gallon lake with waterfall. All of our electric boats are equipped with a super soaking water cannon for tons of fun. Watch out for our drenching waterfall.


The Rock

Taller than most rockwalls, THE ROCK...has 4 levels of difficulty that can challenge you over and over again. Climbers must be between 40 and 250 pounds. Open all year long .(Closed toe shoes are also required for this event.)  


Inflatable Bouncers (Closed for season)

Kids of all ages will have fun playing in a classic inflatable bounce house.. Participants must be 42 inches in height to participate. 


Batting cages (closed til April)

Step up to the plate and test your batting skills in our batting cages. We have 5 hardball and 4 softball cages -- all with various speeds. Improve your game today! (Kids under 54" should be supervised by an adult.)

Arcade Games

More than 100 of the hottest video and arcade games including DDR, skeeball, air hockey, basketball, and Deal or No Deal. Our recently remodeled prize redemption center is the largest and best in the Northeastern United States. Have fun and win fantastic prizes all year long. The arcade is the most popular attraction at Fun 'n' Stuff .


Grand Prix Go-Karts (Closed til Spring)

Race fans, start your engines! Feel the excitement behind the wheel of one of our Grand Prix go-karts. Race on our quarter - mile course and test your driving skills. Must be 56 inches to drive or you  may ride in our double-seater cars with an adult over 18!


Rookie Go-Karts (Closed til April)

Our faster rookie cars are better than last year. Children 40" and taller can drive themselves in our electric rookie go-karts. Ideal for kids ages 4-6 for the feel of driving alone for perhaps the very first time. 


Pirate Shooting Gallery

Come and try to shoot the Pirates on the Caribbean. Test your shooting skills at our classic shooting gallery.  It's simply a little taste of old fashioned fun combined with more modern technology of today.



Bounce, soar, and flip on our popular eurobungy attraction that is open all year- rain or shine. Participants must be between 20 and 200 pounds.  Eurobungy has become one of Fun 'n' Stuff''s favorite attractions.


Highway 66 Bowling

These 39' bowling lanes use a smaller and lighter ball but still give the same feel as full size bowling. Fun for small children up to seniors. Bumpers are available.